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Hakuji Saké Vessels Set (set of 4 different shapes)
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Hakuji Saké Vessels Set

Comprises : 4 different shapes of cups

1)  Straight : 45mm (diameter) x 70mm (h), 80ml

2)  Tsubomi : 50mm (diameter ) x 60mm (h), 80ml

3)  Bowl : 60mm (diameter) x 50mm (h), 80ml

4) Rappa : 70mm (diameter) x 50mm (h), 80ml


Did you know that your perception of flavour of saké can alter by just changing the saké vessel ?

This set of 4 saké vessels come in 4 different types of shapes and sizes.  Try tasting the same saké in the different cups and be amazed at the flavours that develop.