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Nojun Round (Silver)
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Nojun Round (Silver) - 1 piece comes packed in a box

Size : 55mm (diameter) x 57mm (h)

Capacity : 75ml (2.5oz)

Material : Arita Porcelain

Made in : Saga, Japan

Arita ware is sometimes known also as Imari ware.  It has been said that in the early 17th century, the pottery stones which were used as raw material for porcelain was discovered in Izumiyama, Arita-cho by the first generation Sanbei Kanegae (or also known as Li Sanpei), a Korean potter.  That was the first porcelain production area in Japan.  It has since continued being manufactured for more than 400 years, focusing on tableware, arts and crafts.

This particular vessel has a trumpet shape, great for opening up the fruity aromas of Ginjo type sakés, giving a smooth texture on the palate.