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Usuhari Daiginjo Saké Glass Set (a set of 2 glasses packed in a wooden box)
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Usuhari Daiginjo Saké Glass Set - 2 pieces per set, packed in a wooden box together

Size : approximately 5.4cm (diameter) x 90mm (h), or 2.1" (diameter) x 3.5' (h)

Capacity : approximately 250ml (8.5oz)

Material : Lead-free glass

Made in : Tokyo, Japan



The Usuhari Daiginjo Glass is designed for drinking Ginjo type (light, aromatic) saké.  The inward protruding bottom serves as a muddler when you swirl the saké.   The trumpet shape is also perfect to help bring out the aroma of Ginjo type saké.

The glassware is super thin and light and each piece is made carefully and precisely by skilled artisans using their hand blowing techniques. Please becareful when handling these delicate glasswares!